Wedding Charities

Wedding Charities

As a country that spends 100,000 crores annually on weddings, a number which is said to be steadily increasing, we present you with an opportunity to direct your wedding budget toward a nobler cause. Good Cause helps you to make your wedding even more special by bringing a humanitarian element to it.
Under our Wedding Charity Programme, you can extend humanitarian aid to various organisations, charities, projects, and persons presented by us. This Programme offers the following ways in which you can make a difference.

  • Allocate your wedding budget to donate to our programmes, or to other charities, organisations, and persons listed on our website.
  • Donate the leftover food at your wedding to a charity of your choosing.
  • Turn your own wedding into a charity wedding by urging your guests to forego wedding gifts and instead donate to a charitable cause of your choosing.

Wedding Budget Donation

Good Cause presents you with a comprehensive list of charities, organisations, or persons that could benefit from your donations. We also merge you with recipients of your choice. Your donations will then be allocated directly to the recipients who will update you with reports on where exactly your donation was utilised.

Food Donation Programme

Our Food Donation Programme offers a list of projects like orphanages, homeless shelters, animal shelters, and other communities suffering from food scarcity and starvation.
How does it work?

  1. We offer a series of charities where you can donate the leftover food from your wedding.
  2. We allocate the food directly from you to the organisation(s) of your choosing.
  3. We track every donation and ensure that you receive a comprehensive report on how the organisation(s) utilised donations.

Wedding Charity Programme

We are equipped to provide consultations to those looking to have their own wedding charity. Through the wedding charity programme we offer:

  1. To direct you to charitable causes that are significant to you.
  2.  Alternative methods in which your wedding donations can be carried out (like food donations, budget adjustments etc)
  3.  To connect you to the organisation(s) of your choice which will consequently track your donations and provide you with reports on how and where your donations were utilised.
  4. Other comprehensive ways in which you can make your wedding more magnanimous.

How You Can Make Your Wedding Charitable:

  1. Invite your guests to forego wedding gifts and instead donate to the following charities:
  2. Ask your guests to direct cash gifts to these charities that we recommend:
  3. In lieu of wedding favours or return gifts, donate to these charities, and send a guests a letter letting them know of the good deed done in their name.

Sponsor a Wedding

Good Cause also apprises you of donations you can make to a couple in a position of disadvantage and fund their wedding. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Make a donation of Rs. 20,000 to couple you would like to sponsor and make their wedding happen.
  2. Donate by giving them household gifts
  3. Donate a wedding dress.
  4. Sponsor the reception.
  5. Have you collected frequent flyer miles? Donate flight tickets to a couple wishing for a honeymoon.
  6. Fund their honeymoon.

How can you help?

Work with us to make your wedding special and the world a better place.

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