Good Cause considers children who have lost one or both parents to be orphans. ​The loss of one or both parents as a result of war, illness, or natural disaster is a traumatic and harsh reality for millions of children worldwide. Good Cause connects you with these children & helps you to sponsor their education, healthcare, subsistence, and ensure an ample and caring environment for them. Through your help, Good Cause can strive to create a sufficient support system, and empower these orphans to become independent and functioning members of the society.​ If you would like to get involved with an orphan sponsorship programme, we would be happy to provide you with potential recipients who are in need of any and all assistance & care they can get.

The Orphan Sponsorship Programme at Good Cause allows you to support a child on a continual basis. Your donations can be monthly or annual, and will directly reach the orphan’s family. The detailed progress of the children you sponsor can also be monitored through our annual reports.

We will offer assistance to the orphans in the following ways:

  • Provide complete financial support until they reach adulthood
  • Provide education and educational supplies (like uniforms, books, and other school supplies)
  • Provide healthcare opportunities (like medical camps, immunisation, and health check-ups)
  • Sustenance, food, clothing and shelter
  • Create spaces and provisions for extra-curricular activities for physical, social, mental and intellectual development of the children.