In The Heights And The Immigrant Familys Dilemma

Our rapping narrator is Usnavi de la Vega , who tends a bodega on the corner of 181st Street in the Manhattan neighborhood of Washington Heights. Behind that store counter, he feels his life slipping away and saves as much as buy his dad’s former bar again in the Dominican Republic, where he immigrated from as a child. The story is framed by Usnavi re-telling the occasions years afterward a beach, when his young daughter Sueñito asks concerning the which means of her name. I first heard of Lin-Manuel Miranda when his “Hamilton” made a splash.

° constar de to be composed of, consist ofLa obra consta de treinta capítulos.The book consists of thirty chapters. ° constarle a uno to be evident to one, be positiveMe consta que no salió ayer.I’m positive he didn’t go out yesterday. ° conste que let or not it’s understood thatConste que yo no lo he hecho.Let or not it’s clearly understood that I did not do it. Comprobar [rad-ch I] to confirm, confirm, checkComprobaron las cuentas.They checked the accounts. Esta traducción con el unique.Check this translation with the unique.

She teaches secret recipes, family histories, and reminds her kids to have “paciencia y fe” . Abuela Claudia is the steadying hand wanted by a diaspora at all times on the move; their resilience is steeled by her religion. Abuela Claudia moved to New York in 1943 and—like my abuela Regina—faced racism, grappled with English, and labored hard jobs to help her family. Through her story, the challenges of the Heights are reframed as struggles of faith and perseverance. The legacy of Abuela Claudia—and all the abuelas she represents—is the long-suffering hope of her individuals.

—En la frontera van a registrar el equipaje.They’re going to look at the luggage at the border. Entristecer [-zc-] to sadden, be depressingLo negro entristece.Black is depressing. ° entristecerse to turn out to be sadSe entristeció mucho al saberlo.He turned sad when he came upon.

Malicia maliceLo hizo sin malicia.He did it without malice. ° tener malicia to be maliciousAquellas palabras parecían tener malicia.Those seemed to be malicious words. Luchar to fight, struggleLos dos hombres lucharon largo rato.The two men fought for a really lengthy time. Lo theEs lo mejor que tenemos.It’s the best we’ve.

▲ quarter, one fourthLe he esperado más de un cuarto de hora.I waited for him for greater than 1 / 4 of an hour. ▲ cuarto No tengo un cuarto.I haven’t any cash. || Son las tres y cuarto.It’s 1 / 4 previous three. Costa coastViven en un pueblecito de la costa.They reside in somewhat village on the coast. ° a poca costa with little effortLo consiguió a poca costa.He obtained it with little effort.

Disparar to shoot, fireDispararon al aire.They fired into the air. ° dispararse to go offSe disparó la escopeta.The shotgun went off. Dirigirse to go, make one’s means Se dirigieron hacia la puerta.They went towards the door. Destinar to nominate, assignLe destinaron a otra sucursal del banco.They appointed him to a different department of the financial institution. Desmayar to be dismayed or depressed or discouragedNo desmayó en su intento.He wasn’t discouraged in his plan.

To that Country which is rich and filled with treasure, which can incite males to labour. Iohn Gomez journey, who went with a saddle, and came again on a wallet. The love of a Nun, and the flowers of the Almond-tree soon come and shortly depart. Let’s have health and peace, and we will shortly have enough. A duck, a woman, and a goat are ill issues being lean. Three English males, two of them theeves, the third a rebel.

▲ approval, O.K.Tiene que llevar el visto bueno del jefe.He has to have the chief’s O.K. Salir to go out, depart, get outSalieron con Juan.They went out with John. ▲ to stay outLe sale mucho el pañuelo del bolsillo.His handkerchief sticks method out of his pocket. ▲ to return out, be published¿Ha salido ya el último número de esta revista? Has the newest problem of this journal come out yet?

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