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How are we Different   ? ? ! !

Institution and educational standards are better  exclusive

Personalize non institutional approach

Schools / collages post graduation professional management

After school overhaul development and mentoring

Total over haul development  of the ward adopted

Quantity  v/s quality is our motto

Full year  ward monitoring  of the ward and report card for a solid career and not only education

Scholarship to deserving candidates for life improvement 

Good Cause Girl Child Education Scholarships

The GC girl scholarship for school and higher studies is pleased to offer scholarships 

Different types of scholarships are offered (not available for veterinary and medicine studies):

1. Summer language courses (Ulpan)

2. One academic year (October to June) for a maximum of eight months (M.A., Ph.D. Post Doctorate or research studies).


Swami Dayanand Education Foundation laid a strong basis for youth empowerment through education, in 2015. We endeavor to bring the permanent wealth of education within the reach of academically brilliant but underprivileged students. The foundation has been working tirelessly to offer scholarships in India and the US, targeting more than 200 students each year.


The good cause  provides Merit-cum-Means Scholarships to exceptionally talented but poor students who cannot afford to study at reputed colleges, owing to financial constraints. The foundation awards scholarships on the basis of school merit or to the top rankers in national/state level common entrance tests based on which they have secured admissions to quality institutes/colleges. The Scholarship is offered to students pursuing Engineering, MBBS, Pharmacy, IT, Architecture, and all undergraduate courses in Government or private Institutes, including IITs, NITs, and others.


We fund the most talented students and help them pursue the best education. Given the level of tuition and other fees in professional colleges, the poor have no chance today to pursue their dreams of getting higher education in reputed colleges. However, the earning potential of these professions is very high. The student also becomes a role model in the community, inspiring others to pursue this path. In other words, the multiplier effect on the society of enabling a talented child to become a high-income earning professional is huge. By a conservative estimate, each rupee invested in a talented child returns multifold to society.


A good college education is invariably vital to any big career and aspiring job in India. We come from a developing country where millions of students still remain deprived of a basic college education. From them, many could be future scholars in their respective domains but in the absence of the requisite education, their potential is left unrecognized. Also, the cost of a good education is rising at a rapid pace for the last thirty years and has become out of reach for the middle-income groups.

 with the mission of providing scholarships to college students in India and the US. To contribute towards making a good college education available and accessible to all the meritorious students, irrespective of their economic condition, the foundation is working tremendously since its inception in 2015.

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