The art studio known as Art Space Etc was designed for artistic expression, conversation, or reflection. We offer a variety of courses with Pankaj Malasi and Nagma Shamim at various levels. Students will refine their style under their direction while completing the certificate program offered by the Art Culture Festival and building a final portfolio. With the help of assignments and workshops, the student specialize throughout the course. With the help of Art Space Etc studio artists, the students can construct a strong portfolio of creative work over the course of a month by specializing in several art forms like painting, sketching, and photography during the art culture festival.




Art Classes for Kids

An introductory session where children can experiment with both temporal mediums like sound and video as well as traditional ones like painting, drawing, and pen & ink. We offer a variety of media that your children could explore: Drawings, paintings in oil, acrylic, or soft pastel.

Art Classes for Adults

These Art Space Etc. classes cover a thorough understanding of colour, value, and element arrangement to produce dynamic and beautiful compositions. Drawing experience is necessary. We provide a variety of media you could try: Drawing, mandala and entangle designs, oil and acrylic paintings, soft pastels, and oil pastels.

Personal/Private Classes

The educators at the art space, for example, can help individuals or groups navigate through the conventional and age-old processes of art. We provide a variety of media you could try: Sketching, mandalas, oil and soft pastels, paintings in these media, and acrylics.

Skills Being Learned

  • Basic sketching and drawing
  • Oil Pastel and Watercolour
  • Scibbling with crayons
  • Pencil Colours
  • Sketching and Shading
  • Mandala/Zentangle

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