Good Cause is a non-governmental organisation that seeks to build a bridge between donors charities.Our mission is to help you give to a cause that is dear to you. We at Good Cause connect donors and philanthropists to our selected charities, organisations, and persons in need. We merely facilitate your noble intentions in the direction of those who are in need of them.

What makes us different from other NGOs

What makes us different is the transparency we provide you in your ability to explore the various
avenues in which you could offer your patronage. Good Cause presents a diverse range of
programmes that will receive your direct aid while we act as facilitators who expedite the process.

At Good Cause we simply manage the events & projects you wish to fund. Your donations go directly to the recipients and we only facilitate the process.

We are not asking for a portion of your donations, and a 100% of your funds will reach the people you want to help.